The C&C catalogue was created to accompany Calm & Collected's debut exhibition at The London
Westbank in December of 2011. Its function was to document the process of work being produced
for the show, as well as giving an insight into the groups personality and background. The signed
A4 catalogue is limited to an edition of 50, featuring 64 full colour pages and is packed with totally
unseen, original content.

In its design the catalogue references 1980's zine culture with the entire layout being manipulated
by hand on a scanner bed; all content from sketches to photographs and objects were then scanned
and the page printed to scale. Thus the catalogue acts as an updated version of the classic 'zine'.

As a final touch each individual cover was hand drawn by the artists, much of these collaboratively.
There are 50 totally original covers, each unique to that copy. The catalogue also comes with a
random selection of A5 screenprints inside.